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  The Most Hospitable People
Afghan Hospitality is world renowned . Bookmark and Share

Afghans are very friendly and hospitable and there are several factor leading to this. One, it is obligatory by Islam to treat others as you want them treating you. Its a matter of roughhouses to help others in need even if you are not well off, but in better condition than those who needs help.

Sharing a meal or a cup of tea, solidifies a relationship, a friendship between strangers. Even sharing water with your enemy will turn that foe into friend. Thus Sharing is a iatrical part of Hospitality in Afghanistan.

The second reason for their hospitality is the cultural code. The mehman nawazi, melmastia, is part of the code of pashunwali. The rules which all afghans live by. A guest is a gift from God, they are feed cloth and treated with respect so long as they are your guests.  The guest are not to be bothered, their hands are washed before meals, their plates are always full, even if they are full and cannot eat any more, it will be kept full. Your bed is ready and at night and fully made after you awake.

Afghan Proverb: "Honor the guest, O son. Even though he is an infidel, open the door."


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