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Farida Anwary

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Farida Anwari at Afghan Cultural Society 1995Farida Anwary was born in Kabul Afghanistan to wealthy parents. Her Father was a well known doctor, and she an ambitious little girl full of energy and drive. Farida finished her primary school in Afghanistan thereafter attempted to earn a higher degree. With the encouragement of peers and her ambition to become a journalist, she earned a degree in communications and broadcast journalism from Faculty of literature of Kabul University in 1968. Upon completion of her Bachelor program in Kabul, she sought elsewhere for higher education since Kabul university was not equipped with the lasted broadcast media.  Farida Anwary traveled to United States of America to fulfill her desire for higher education, completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Broadcast Journalism from Lindenwood University in St Charles, Missouri in 1971. 

Farida Anwari at Radio 24 Hours Based in Hayward CaliforniaUpon return to Kabul she obtained a job as Assistant Director of Arts and Literature at Radio and Television of Afghanistan where she planned programming with producers, arranged monthly programming schedules, planned and produced specials and holiday programs. 

She was in charge of requiting new talent for Afghan Television and is responsible for discovering Ehsan Aman, Najim, Akbar Nekzad, and many more. She was the creator of many hit Radio and Television programs such as "Az har Chaman Samaney" "Pasukh Chest?" and much more.

Farida Anwari was not only a journalist, producer and recruiter, but also a great director whom directed many plays and serials for newly born Afghan Radio Television and She trained and assisted producers in sound effect equipment. Farida Anwary became an household name in the late 70s and early 80 as a journalist for all media. She was an corner stone of Afghan TV, Radio and Print Media.

Farida left Afghanistan in the early 80s and had migrated to India, where she created and produced plays and was the president of Afghan Radio in India. With a brief stay in Europe, Farida migrated to United States and moved in to a densely populated afghan community in Fremont California known as little Kabul. In California she began work on a weekly one hour televion program which came to be too costly for the new emigrant, so she began work on a daily radio program which aired 2 hours a day entitled "Radio Naqsh ha e Jawidan" where she was well received by the public. By 1994 Afghans from all parts of United States would record and broadcast the shows in their local cities.

Farida Anwari at Afghanistan National Radio StudioFarida saw the need to broadcast nationally to United States and Canada, and in 1998 began to assemble a group of journalists and new voices such as Fatima Hotak, Homyoon Jalali and for the young audience she assembled Shafi Sekandari, Wahid Momand, Maria Ayar, and Mizgon Zahir to create a 24 hour radio program "Radio 24 hours Voice of Afghanistan"later known as "Afghanistan National Radio". The audience reached well over 100,000 listeners in north America. Unfortunately the satellite broadcast company was bankrupt and the phenomenon came to a sudden end. She is a contributor to afghanland.com

A second venture into satellite broadcasting was launched in 2000 but was not successful in creating an audience and quickly folded. She ventured into local television broadcasting when Radio Free Afghanistan, a sudsier of Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe called the veteran to broadcast from Europe into Afghanistan, the broadcast can be heard in Asia and the rest of the world through the internet. You may listen to Farida Anwari's broadcasts here at afghanland.com audio news section


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