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  Miss England 2005
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Hammasa Kohistani became the first ever Muslim girl to win Miss England beauty contest.

Hammasa was not born in England, she is an ethnic Afghan who's parents fled Afghanistan war and spent her childhood in Uzbekistan. They subsequently moved to England here Hammasa began her new life.

Hammasa speaks six languages including Russian, her native Dari and French,

In August 2005 She caused a controversy among the Islamic community in England by entering the beauty contest.

And despite the criticism she beat 39 stunning girls at the glitzy two day event at Liverpool's Olympia last weekend.
With pressure from the community to pull out, she stayed the course with the encouragement of her parents to ultimate success

Hammasa told the Gurdian news: "I never even considered pulling out. Iím not going to let someone else dictate my life.

"My parents were all for it and I was happy and that is the most important thing.

"I donít think anyone has the right to tell me what to do because I donít tell them what to do. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

"I will accept theirs so they should accept mine. I didnít do anything wrong.

"My mother came from a background that oppressed women for decades. It made me realize that girls and women who have the chance to make their voices heard should make the most of the opportunity.

"It is great to have been given the chance to have my voice heard in a society such as Britain.

"Britain is a great country and it is one of the most powerful nations in the world. Winning is a really unbelievable achievement for me."

"We moved away from Afghanistan after the war broke out for our own safety.

"I wasnít aware of the severity of the problems at the time. It was only when I moved back here when I was eight that I look back at the situation and I think wow: ĎThat was then and this is now.í

"So much has changed since then. Iím so lucky to be in England now.

"My win has shown how accepting Britain has become. Letting ethnic girls represent England in Miss World is a great thing.

"Iím so proud. In fact proud just isnít even the word. I just canít even tell you how happy I am. Making history is always a good thing.

"My family are really proud of me too. They are looking forward to coming to China with me to Miss World. They have been so supportive."

"I wasnít that shocked at winning because I had as much of a chance as any of the girls, but still you never think that kind of thing is going to happen to you.

"I actually was reading my horoscopes in Mystic Meg in The Sun last month and it said my life would dramatically change.

"At the time I didnít think much of it but now Iím thinking maybe she is good at predicting the future!

"She was definitely right! My life is crazy right now."

As well as a place at the Miss World Final in China in December, Hammasaís film-star looks have also earned her a star role in a top Bollywood movie.

"Yes it is very exciting. Iím going to be a guest star in a Bollywood movie," Hammasa said.

"I am going to work with top Bollywood actors. That is all I know so far. A date hasnít been confirmed yet.

"I canít believe how my life has changed so suddenly. I'm meant to be going back to college tomorrow but I think I'll have to take a gap year because otherwise I'll get chucked out for my low attendance.

"Last week I was just an ordinary girl. Now everyone wants to talk to me. What will happen to me if I get lucky at Miss World and somehow win? I just canít imagine.Ē

Hammasa will be participating in the Miss World contest in December 2005

∑Experienced and dedicated model and student with highly developed outcome of 11 GCSES Grades A* - C.
∑ Ability to speak fluently Russian and Persian fluently as well as French.
∑GAP kids Summer Campaign ∑Worked in Business Information Centre ∑Asian Woman Magazine, 3 Issues ∑Asiana Magazine Front Cover Autumn 2004 + 4 Issues
∑The Bridal Look Book
∑A Beauty Campaign
∑The Lifestyle Show - A three day live catwalk for an audience of over a thousand people.


I have done professional modeling for the last three years. I also have a passion in dance and am interested in advertise design. I have done professional dancing for three years consisting a hybrid of hip-hop, r'n'b and belly dancing.
Lastly I have hosted a show for two evenings with an audience of 600 people. .

My ambition is to travel the world. I have had the opportunity to have visited over 25 countries and would love to be able to continue seeing the different cultures and customs of The World.
My aim is to make a difference and have my voice heard. I would be honored to represent England in The Miss World competition, it would be an experience of a lifetime.
Most Importantly- I would like to make my parents proud because family means the world to me.

Age: 18
Height: 5'7.5"
Shoe: 5
Chest: 32
Waist: 24
Hips: 34
Dress: 8
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Source: the Guardian
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