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  Ustad Mohammad Hashem Cheshti
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Ustad Mohammad Hashem Cheshti was born in Kharabat area of Kabul Afghanistan. Kharabat is the old city of Kabul prior to the expansion to the suburbs. Ustad Hashem was born in a family of musicians; his father Ustad Mahmood was a great master of music in the area. After seeing the talent of Hashem he sent his son to learn from the greatest Tabla Master of that time, Ustad Qader Bakhsh in Pakistan.

He mastered the Art of Tabla and excelled so much that he would teach his father the techniques of tabla.He thought the art of Tabla to his younger brothers Ustad Mohamad Aref and Ustad Mohamad Asef and accepted many students. Not only was he a master in the art of Tabla, but, he played other instruments exceptionally well. He played Sitar, Guitar, Harmonium, Robab, Sarod and many many more. He was an talented composer, singer and songwriter.

Ustad Hashem in GermanyUstad Hashem loved music and family life, he wanted to live a private life but his talents brought visitors from all over the world to listen to his music. Aleem Jaffar Khan an Indian Sitar master once visited Afghanistan for a concert and the sponsor of the concert introduced Ustad Hashem as the Afghan Tabla Master, Jaffar Khan and His Tabla accompanist paid him no respect and continued with their concert. Towards the end of the concert attendants requested that Ustad Hashem play a piece with Ustad Jaffar Khan, and the request was granted. Ustad Hashem Played so gracefully and so masterfully that Ustad Jaffar khan stood up his feet walked to Ustad Hashem and shook his hand and bowed to him. No one till this day no one had the talent or perseverance to surpass him except for his oldest son, whom unfortunately was martyred during the war in Afghanistan. Ustad Hashem Recording his last Album before his death

He was walking home from School and was picked up by the Communist government and sent to the front lines of the battle in Khost. He lost his leg during battle and due to severe loss of blood lost his life. Ustad Hashem had numerous concerts inside Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Pakistan, India, allover Europe and United States where he demonstrated his talents.

 After the invasion of the soviets and the civil war, he sought refuge in Germany. Where he held classes and concerts until his unfortunate murder in late 1990s by one of his students for reasons not clear. Afghanland.com all rights reserved

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