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  Mirwais & Madonna

CD Title: Music

Artist: Madonna

Produced by: Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzai William Orbit and Spike


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Maddona's CD: MusicThe 39-year-old Afghan-born house producer worked on six tracks with Madonna and at least five of these will be included in the new album.  A former member of French art school punk group Taxi Girl, Mirwais states "the biggest surprise lies in simplicity." Madonna, who became an instant fan after listening to Disco Science, Mirwais' debut single off Production? "I was free to work but within her limits." He adds: "When you work with someone - it doesn't matter if it's Madonna or people I've worked with in the past you have to respect them. When she didn't agree with me I'd try to find a compromise."

Known in France for the better part of two decades, Mirwais Ahmadzai was a guitarist in the seminal punk group Taxi Girl for 8 years before forming acoustic outfit Juliette et les independents.

Now creating a sort of guitar-meets-electronica hybrid, Mirwais says "Music is music. It is exactly the same (no matter what style you make) because you have exactly the same problems. On the technical side it is different because with electronic music in theory you can control everything, but things are more complicated when you mix both."

The evolution to electronic music happened in 1994, when Mirwais became inspired by the energy of house and jungle, and wanted to get in on the act. He wrote "Disco Science" three years ago - a twisted and mutated groovier of a track.

Mirwais AhmadzaiAccording to Afghanland.com sources, His friend, the celebrity photographer Stephane Sednaoui, took it to Madonna, and things took an interesting twist for Mirwais.

"He gave her the record and the video and she loved them both. He called me back to ask me if I wanted to work with her on one or two tracks… in the end we finished six tracks!" he chuckles.

One of the tracks appears on Mirwais’ forthcoming album, while the rest will end up on Madonna’s. Mirwais is in awe of his collaborator.

"She is more talented than you’d expect, because she doesn’t make it known that she’s really talented in the studio," he pipes. "Working with her was exactly like working with Juliette or Taxi Girl – it was a really good relationship. I think to be honest the only thing that is important in her professional life is music.. I’m sure of that."

Mirwais’s record label Naive is currently in negotiations with Maverick to release his album, and meanwhile Mirwais is experiencing censorship, Madonna-style, for his raunchy "Disco Science" video - not that it seems to bother him at all. Having survived the ordeal of a drug death in Taxi Girl, and now the responsible father of two, it doesn’t seem to be an issue whether his art offends others or not.

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