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Afghanland Movie Review
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Love Hurts Love Takes Over (2006) A film about about family, relationships, love between two strangers, friendships, gang life, and sacrifice. filled with comedy and love songs by professional dancers.
A Wais Azami and Keith Holland Film
Starring: Akbar Wardak, Tehmina Muquadarti, Abrahim Aref, Tania Muquadrati, Mershed Torabi, Akmal Wardak,
Enrico Natale

Editor: Keith Holland
Choregraphy: Malkit Bhumber and Sandra Grande
Executive Producer: Wais Azami
Co Production assistant: Keith Holland
Music: Farid Four Brothers
Through Her Eyes (2006) Mithaq Kazimi's third short film Through Her Eyes is an account of a Muslim Indian army officer (Umesh Mishra) who after many years of service returns home to find that the woman (Huma Shaikh) he loved has turned to the convent as a dedicated nun. The loss of his love leads to a loss of his faith in God. With a strong opposition from his family, he then embarks on a journey to bring her back in his life. This enlightening tale illustrates the oneness of religion, the power of faith and the significance of spirituality in love. Trailer  More Information

Written & Directed by: Mithaq Kazimi
Produced by: Rajendra Motiwala & Mithaq Kazimi
Music by: Mashyyat Kazimi, Farhad Darya
Cast: Umesh Mishra, Huma Shaik,Mohsin Monakib, Sujata bagwat, Rajendra Motiwala, Anjili Pohankar
Bekara e Sadkaara (2006)

From the producer and Director of Shekast and Jawaanane Gumraah, comes a new film written and directed by  Nawid Orokzay.  This movie contains a Love story, within a comedy wrapped in superb action scenes

Starring: Nawid Orokzay, Zubair Aslamy , Roshan Hakimi and Farida akida.    

Contact: Aarya Film

Al Qarem (2006) a new project by Bozkashi Films. Qarem and Nasir are Afghan-American youths living in Queens, NY on the eve of September 11th 2001. as racisms and hatred fills the city, the boys find themselves victims of the cruel backlash against all Muslims or anyone perceived as such. as their world turns upside down, they see first hand what fear and prejudice can do to a community

Cast and Crew:

Directors: Ajmal Yourish and Affandy Farooq
Producer: Boskashi Films
Release: February 2006

More Information

3 Friends (se dost) (2005) Creative Vision studios presents an epic film of Love lies and friendship


Directed by Edris Ne

Writing: Edris Ne,

Producer: Said Daud Ahmadi

Cinematographer: Omar Momand

Starring: Usman Momand, Wajma Saroor, Hamid Sarahang, Haider Momand, Mazida Saroor, Sulaiman Asil and Azeem Jasoor

Make Up Artist: Sosan Naseri


More Information

Chashmha e Sargardan (2005) A gang of Kidnapers roaming free in post war Afghanistan whose only fear is a relentless cop dedicated in defending the citizens of Kabul

Directed by Timor Hakimyar


Qader Farukh
Akram Khurami
Hashmat Fani
Hanif Hamgam

Screebplay: Timor Hakimyar

Dain (2005) an orphan learns martial arts to revenge the murder of his parents. His adventure leads him to village of his birth as his ancestral enemies are waiting

Directed by Harif Bayria


Starring: Ahmad Jan

Harif Bayria



Qanoon (2005) Rabia joins the police force to serve his country and finds herself in the mids of illeagal Drug and organ trade, she must decide to join the lucrative drug business or fight against it.

Directed by Ghafar Zalam
Screebplay: Nazer Yusufzai
Editor: Ramin Mohammadi

Starring: Sabah Sahar,

Ahmad Zia Ghaznawi

Gone with the Wind (2005)  In Post war Afghanistan a generation that has seen nothing but war and destruction are now entering the society and what became of them is to be determent
Directed by Atiq Rahimi
Writing credits Kambuzia Partovi, Atiq Rahimi novel
Cast: Rasul Iman
Sharah Amiri
Breshna Bahar
Fardeen Barakzai

Director: Masoom Qismat
A Sayed Ahmad Waqif Al Hussaini Film
Bolbol (2005) a Qasim Nekzad Film. Bolbol and his gang of ex drug addicts are cleaning up the village of drug use and dealers while having fun .

Directed by: Nabi Tanha

Cast Asadullah Aram, Faqir Qawidil, Asif Jalali
Sidiq Darai, Zmarai Ejtemai, Sabur Khanji
Daud Tufan, Ibrahim Sikandari, Mullah Mohammad Ziai
Shah Mohammad Noori, Hashim Yusufzai
Anisa Wahab, Zarghona Aram, Parwin Mushtahil

Khakestar-o-khak (2004) Elderly Dastaguir and his newly deaf 5-year-old grandson Yassin  make their way to the coal mine where Dastaguir's son Murad works, to tell him that the rest of their family were all killed in a recent bomb attack.

Directed by Atiq Rahimi
Writing credits Kambuzia Partovi, Atiq Rahimi novel
Cast (in credits order)
Abdul Ghani .... Dastaguir
Jawan Mard Homayoun .... Yassin
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Kader Arefi .... Fateh
Guilda Chahverdi .... Zaynab
Walli Tallosh .... Mirza Qadir

Gumashta (1991): An intertwined story about Love and the influence of the lucrative opium business in Afghanistan. This film was completed in 1991 and presumed damaged during the War. in 2005 the film was re discovered.


Directed by : Engineer Latif


Saboor Toofan

qader faroskh

nemat asash

habib zilgai



Cry In the Fog (2005): A story of love intertwined by pain and suffrage of one and the privilege and ease of the other.

Writer and Director Said Orakzai
Abdullah Orakzai
Haroon Ebadi
Fareed Parto

Shak (Intuition) (2004)


Shaheer Azizi, Fariba Samad, Farukhzad, Waheedullah Sharif, Hameedullah, Shabeer Azizi


Director: Shaheer Azizi

Producer Nadeem Azizi

Singer: Wahid Qasimi

Shade of Fire (2004): Sayai atash, or the "shadow of fire", the new film of Said Orakzai.
The movie is about love, innocence and heartbreaking, and  understanding of the family relations.
Shade of Fire is the 2nd venture by Said Orakzai; whose first film, Khakestar was tremendously successful.

Starring: Abdullah Orakzai, Wida, Nikita, Homayun Mael and Mansor Nori.

Said Orokzai is involved with a new project;  (Cry in the Fog)

More Information

Raaz (Secret) (2004): Filmed entirely in Afghanistan by producers and directors in Kabul who attempted for the first time to produce a film independent of the government. Starring ex solders of now defunct warlords.


Year: 2004

More Information: None

The Beauty Academy of Kabul (2004): Under the Taliban, Afghan women were forced to become faceless. This engrossing, optimistic film follows a group of American women who travel to Kabul, where many of them were born but forced to flee, to teach beauty skills. They end up fostering inner healing and spiritual transformation, restoring long-lost self-confidence, and learning much about themselves along the way. 
Director: Liz Mermin
Year: 2004
74 min
World Premiere    
More Information
Afghanistan, The Lost Truth(2003): An honest look at a war-ravaged land after the fall of the Taliban, going beyond the now-clichéd images of so many recent films. Actress/director Maleknasr travels the country interviewing a wide range of Afghans who, despite the turmoil and suffering they have endured, poignantly voice their collective dreams for their nation's future. 
Afghanistan, Haghighat-e Gomshodeh
Director: Yassamin Maleknasr
Year: 2003
64 min
U.S. Premiere    
More Information

Osama (2004): Unable to move without a male companion, the woman alters the appearance of her daughter to look like a boy and renames her Osama. More

Winner of 61st Golden Globe Award

Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Editor: Siddiq Barmak 
Cast: Marina Golbahari,Khwaja Nader ,Arif Herati,Zubaida Sahar,Hamida Refah ,Gol Rahman

Cinematography: Ebrahim Ghafuri 
Art Director: Akbar Meshkini 
Music: Mohammad Reza Darwishi 


Afghanland.com Review Grade: A

Baran (2004): A Review by Afghanland.com;  The film tells the story of a teenage boy working on a construction site who loses his job to an illegally hired Afghani worker. The boy is forced into harder labor on the site, but a startling twist gives him a completely different view of their lives and changes his outlook on people forever."

Hossein Abedini (Latif), Zahra Bahrami (Baran), Hossein Mahjoub, Mohammad Amir Naji (Memar), Abbas Rahimi (Soltan)

Majid Majidi


Afghanland.com Review Grade: A      More Information

Escape From Taliban: based on a true story by bestseller "Kabuliwala's Bengali Wife" by Sushmita Banerjee. The movie is produced by Ashok Khemka and Vijay Nopany and directed by 


Director Ujjal Chattopadhyay, who has directed two national award winning Bengali films. 


Cast: Manisha Koirala, Nawab Khan from Afghanistan in the lead role.

Shot in English version, will have sub-titles in Pashto and Indian Hindi language


Afghanland.com Review Grade: N

In This World:  Jamal Udin Torabi,Born in Peshawar in the North West province of Pakistan,  and a fellow refugee, Enayatullah, embark on a nightmarish journey to England, across Iran, Turkey, Italy and France. Runtime: 88 mins. Distributed by ICA Projects 

Locations: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran,France, Turkey, Italy, England
Cast: Jamal Udin Torabi and Imran Paracha 
Director, Andrew Eaton
Crew & Credit: Michael Winterbottom  Producer, Anita Overland Producer, Wendy Brazington Casting, Chris Auty Executive Producer 


Afghanland.com Review Grade: A

In The Wrong Hands (2001): Afghanistan's most loved comedian is now starring in his first film made in Hollywood. Mr. Haji Kamran has been entertaining for the last 35 years, from theaters to motion picture. 

Wali Razaqi s one Hollywood youngest new filmmakers. He has been a successful actor in film and television and now takes on his first role as an executive producer. Received 2001 Producer of the year award from afghanland.com


Danielle Rose, Haji Kamran, Wali Razaqi


Afghanland.com Review Grade: A      More Information

Kidnapping (Ikhtitaaf) Kidnapping is a suspenseful film of the cops and robbers genre. A band of drug smugglers in a battle against the police at theaters near you. 


Cast: Marefat Shah Marefat, Ghous Zalmai, Karim Jan and Yolia. Directed by Marefat Shah, Camera: Nawid Orakzai, Produced by Ariana Film.

Contact information: Elias Marefat Bundes Str-12 Hamburg Germany. Phone: (+4940) 41-46-88-65  Mobile: (+49173) 46 14 788


Afghanland.com Review Grade: N     

Khuda Gawah: Badshah Khan who meets lovely Benazir over a game of Buzkashi in Afghanistan, but before he can marry her, he must go to India and avenge Benazir's father's death. 

Winner of nine Indian Academy Awards, including Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Supporting Actor. Hindi with English subtitles.193 min


Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi, Danny Denzongpa, Nagarjuna and Shilpa Shirodkar. 


Afghanland Review Grade: A     

Kandahar: Shot on the border of Iran and Afghanistan, Kandahar is a story of a young female journalist named Nafas who escaped Afghanistan with her family but must return and race against time in an attempt to rescue her sister in the Taliban-controlled city of Kandahar.


The film is inspired by the real-life experience of actress Niloufar Pazira, who plays Nafas. In 1989, she fled Afghanistan and later received a similar letter not from a sister, but from a long-time friend who wanted to end her life.


The film does not flow and is in need of better dialog


Afghanland Review Grade: C      More Information

Aftaab e Bighroob: The Ahmad Zahir story. The movie is produced and filmed in Central Asia mostly Tajikistan. A wonderful mixed cast  of Afghan and Tajik actors with huge budget makes the movie more realistic. This is the first ever 35MM Afghan Motion Picture outside of Afghanistan.


Starring:  Gholam Jailani Joshan as Ahmad Zahir, Delaram, Wali Talash, Homayoon Paiez, Emal Haidary, Sweeta, Qahar Raoufi, Parweena and more. Directed by Jawansher Haidery and Produced   by Jailani Joshan. Soundtrack by Ahmad Zahir and Khalil Gudaz. Graphics by our Afghanland.com staff


Afghanland.com Review Grade: C      More Information

FireDancer (2001): "FireDancer" provides a candid look at the manners and mores of America's Afghan Diaspora. In its course, we see several generations embrace paradox and compromise as they struggle for self definition.


For some the struggle will end in tragedy, for others in hope. 
"FireDancer" resonates with the challenge to both preserve and assimilate faced by all immigrants, each of whom must settle in his or her own way.


Afghanland.com Review Grade: A+      More Information

Sheraghai Daghalbaaz: A low budget movie by Nazir Mardomi who for the first time tried his hands on writing, directing, producing, casting, editing and choreography of this comedy. Haji Kamran is the a bright point in this motion picture. 


Starring: Haji Mohammad Kamran as Sheragha, Walid Achekzai, Alinda, Jon Mohammad, Hashem, Nazir Mardomi and many more.

Graphics by Afghanland.com graphic staff


Afghanland.com Review Grade: C   More Information

Shekast: a joint venture by Afghan filmmakers and Indian Bollywood. Starring India's premier movie super star Qader Khan ( who hails from Ghazni Afghanistan) and new talented Afghan stars from India and Europe. A movie About love, innocence and heartbreak.


Starring: Qader Khan, 


Graphics by Afghanland.com graphic staff


Afghanland.com Review Grade: N

Foreign Land: A beautifully choreographed motion picture in exotic locals of California. The storyline is very good but the lack of good actors and actresses and unrelated costumes make the movie less pleasant. The Movie is available on video and soundtrack by Farhad Darya produced by Music Center and Fine Arts Foundation.


Starring Salam Sangi of the Mega Hit "Gunah"   The Talented Leena Alam, Farah of the movie "Hadesa" Kanishka of the movie "Lost Pearls" Radio Afghanistan and TV artist Qamargul Directed by Asefi

Video Graphics by Afghanland.com staff


Afghanland.com Review Grade: C

The Beast (1988): Afghan rebels track marooned Russian tank in this solid if somewhat predictable war drama. Appeals to die-hard genre fans who aren't put off by explicit violence or methodical pacing. Filmed in Arad, Negev and Israel


Starring: Jason Patric, Steven Bauer
Kevin Reynolds
Runtime: 109 minutes
MPAA Rating: R
Action, War


Afghanland.com Review Grade: A+

Other Afghan Films

Year Title English Title Director Production Company
1968 Roz Garan Daily ? Afghan Films
1972 Andarzi Mudar Mother's Advice Abdul Khaliq Halil Afghan Films
1974 Rozhai Dushwar Difficult Days Wali Latifi Afghan Films
1974 Rabiha Balkhi Rabiha of Balkh Abdul Khaliq Halil, Toryali Shafaq, Abdullah Shadan, Mohamed Nazir, Daoud Farani Nazir Films
1976 Mujasemeha Mekhandad The Statues Are Laughing Toryali Shafaq Ariana Films
1978 Siamoi wa Jallali Siamoi and Jallali Abbas Shaban
1981 Janayat Karan Criminals Toryali Shafaq Shafaq Films
1978/81 Ghulam Ishq Slave of Love Toryali Shafaq Shafaq Films
1981 Gharatgaran Thieves Abbas Shaban Aparcin Films
1981 Gunah Faults Engineer Latif Ariana Films
1981 Khana 555 House No. 555 ? Gulistan Films
1983 Tabistan Garm Kabul Hot Summer of Kabul Ali Khamraev, Wali Latifi Afghan Films
1987 Parinda ha e Mohajir Migrating Birds Latif Abdul Latif Afghan Films
1995 Uruj Ascension Noor Hashem Abir Afghan Film
2004 Osama Osama Siddiq Barmak Afghan Film
Other Sites: Afghan Cinema - Khorshid Noor - Artist Gallery 

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