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Ustad Sarahang the greatest master of eastern classical music in the world ...more
Ustad Gholam Hussain a pioneer of classical music in Afghanistan ...more 
Ustad Mohammad Hashem  The Master of Eastern Music Ustad Hashem ...more 
Ustad Qasim Afghan the creator of Afghan classical music ...more
Ustad Kheyal a composer, singer, songwriter of the new generation ...more 
Ustad Farida Mahwash: Golden Voice and Janis Joplin award winning singer... More
Ustad Breshna an artist, playwright, singer songwriter ...more
Ustad Aziz Herawi a master of Afghan lutes: Rubab, Dutar, Tanboor ..more
Ustad Gholam Nabi Natu a mystic singer with strong voice ...more
Ustad Rahimbakhsh a traditional master with unique voice ...more
  Ustad Shaida the master of lyrics and improvisation ...more
  Ustad Aawalmeer a legendary singer, songwriter and poet ...more
  Ustad Naynawaz a modern composer, songwriter ...more
Ustad Zakhil Master of Pashto folk songs ... more
Ahmad Zahir a legend and revolutionary in afghan music scene ...more
Najim The New generation of Afghan musicians brightest stars ...more
Hakim Ludin Percussionist and a rising star in Europe ...more
Other Artists:

 Ahmad Zahir - Mamoon- Farhad Darya - Ehsan Aman - Kayhan Group - Marya Ayar - Naghma - Rameen Sharif - Sami Safi - Nasrat Parsa - Jawid Sharif  - Habib Qaderi - Qader Eshpari - Haideri Brothers - Waheed Saroor


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