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  Quarterback: Zamir Amin #13

Zamir Amin Bookmark and Share Afghanland.com: Joe Montana, John Elway, Dan Marino, Payton Manning?… when you think of the all-time passing leader in college football none of the names above compare to the numbers Zamir Amin has put up on the football field.


Amin has become one of the top quarterbacks in the country. The "West Coast Offense" that the team runs is well suited to them and they take advantage of what defenses give them.

"When you look at Zamir, he doesn't look like a quarterback," said Kannapu, who is in his first season as head coach having previously worked as an assistant with the team before moving to both the high school and Arena games. "They say he's too short or he's too slow, but he makes things happen. He understands what to do. You add that to Nathan Jackson, who is a special player. He has a knack for catching a ball, jumping over people and doing all the little things you need."


According to Afghanland.com's sources, Amin was born in Afghanistan and when he was an infant his family migrated to United States. Amin was raised in Hayward and later moved to Fremont (an area known as little Kabul) in suburbs of San Francisco. He attended Kennedy High School where he was taught the sport by a cousin when he was nine and has been a quarterback since his pee-wee days. The numbers have been good since he came to Menlo College as a transfer from nearby Chabot Junior College in Hayward California, but Amin wants the championship that has always eluded him.

He was awarded the highest honor any individual player could achieve in college football, being an “ALL AMERICAN”. "It's a nice accomplishment," said Amin of being named preseason All-America by D3football.com, "but now I have to back it up. If we don't do it this year, than it is all for naught."


On October 7th 2000 Zamir Amin passed for 723 vs. Cal Lutheran which broke the record set by University of Houston Quarterback David Klingler.


Zamir Amin set the NCAA All-Divisions and School Single Game Passing mark at 731 yards. Zamir also set school records and ranked among the Nation's best with 424.4 yards per game, and number 5 in Passing Efficiency with a 69.5%


But after the September 11th  2001 attacks on New York and Washington, hate mongers didn’t see Amin as an “All American” but as a target of hatred and bigotry. Zamir Amin, who is Muslim and a native of Afghanistan, has become a fabulously successful player, and his family has become a victim of disgruntled Americans with hate mails and taunts, but that didn’t stop him from perusing his dreams of being a Quarterback in Professional Football Leagues.Source: Afghanland.com

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