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  Invasion of Alexander

Alexander the Great in AfghanistanBy Afghanland.com: Greece at the time of Alexander's father ( Phillip) was a very small nation with the population of 1.5 million people, mostly farmers without any writing skills and no known text. Many years later after the invasion of many small islands near Greece, they found the new art of sculptures, and many deep thoughts of philosophical nature and establishments of democracy, the creation of senate and schools of thought (Universities) Greeks began taking arms against the invading Roman armies and thus the Greek army was born

In 338 BC while Greek armies were in a fierce battle with Persia, the Greek king Philippe is killed and Alexander is crown the young king of Macedonia. To avenge his fathers death, Alexander prepares of invade Persia and with just 3 battles in the area of Persian Empire AfghanistanKurdistan, Alexander succeeds in invading Persia. Within 4 years he captures Persia and finds the great king of Persia on the side of the road begging for mercy, but, Alexander overcomes with anger and kills the great Darius and vengeances his father’s death.

By 330 BC Alexander has the world’s richest crown with riches and wealth of Persian Empire, which would fuel his invasion of Afghanistan. In Afghanistan he faced his fiercest battles and grave loss to his army physically, mentally and financially. After 4 years of battle he passed through Afghanistan to Central Asia and with 100 thousand reinforcements from Greece and newly captured central Asian kingdoms returns to Afghanistan and captures Balkh, Qandahar, Heart, and Kabul and begins his invasion of India. In Afghanistan he falls in love with a local cheif's daughter named Rokhsana (Roxanne) and they get married before the invasion of India. In India Alexander is injured and is travels back, as he reaches Baluchistan he fall ill and dies at the young age of 32.

After Alexander’s death, Afghanistan is divided amongst 4 Greek governors with their capitals being Kabul and its suburbs, Heart and Sistaan, Qandahar and Baluchistan, and Bakhter (balkh area) and ruled for the next 55 years. By 250 BC the Governors of these 4 regions declared their independence and established and new Greek-Bakhter government independent of mainland Greece. Roxanne pregnant with Alexander's son moves back to Macedonia. After giving birth to the heir of Alexander's kingdom, both Roxanne and Alexander IV are killed by insurgents.

Remains of Zorasterian KingdomFor More Information on Alexander The Great and the Invasion of Afghanistan Click here or visit www.pbs.org

Ruins of Balkh west of Mazar-i-Sharif. 

One of Alexander the Great's generals established a Greek-Macedonian kingdom here about 300 B.C. it existed for over three centuries. A place where Zoroaster (628-551 B.C.) the leader of the zoroasterians was born and established his religion.

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