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   Mullah Mohammad Omar
Mullah Omar magnum photo inc.By Afghanland.com: Mullah Mohammad Omar was born in 1959 as the son of a peasant farmer, he grew up in mud huts around the village of Singesar, near Kandahar. In short, he's an unlikely leader in a country where pedigree and royalty have always been the path to power. he's tall (6 foot, 6 inches) bearded, reclusive, and a lover of war stories. A fierce commander, he was wounded four times in the jihad against the Soviets, leaving him with one eye. He is not a great speaker. To his followers, his strength is his piety, the force of his belief.

Omar, known for a pure devotion to Islam, was a mullah with a village madrassah near Kandahar. But he was horrified by the behavior of former mujahideen commanders that he had fought alongside from 1989 to 1992. They were kidnapping and raping boys and girls, stealing from Afghans at gunpoint on the road, and driving international aid workers out of Kandahar. So, Omar and 30 ethnic Pashtun followers picked up the gun at first to stop four notorious mujahideen who were raping women near Omar's village - and later to bring law and order to an entire country.

By 1995 Omar sounds like the man who will pave the way for the king's Zahir Shah's return. He talked about peace and security. at the same time Zahir Shah's representatives are invited to Pakistan and the streets are covered with supporters of former king with Black Red and Green tri color flags of the past.

Mullah omar and the Taliban repeatedly say that their mission is to create a Muslim state that would perfectly practice a strict interpretation of the Quran, one taught in the fundamentalist madrassahs of Pakistan, where Omar went to school. The Taliban do not seek power, they will restore peace to the nation and hand the power to politicians and experienced leaders of Afghanistan.

In 1996, as Taliban fervor increased, Omar accepted the title of "Amirul Momineen," or "commander of the faithful," in an emotional meeting in Kandahar where he appeared on a balcony above thousands of cheering Taliban, wrapping himself in a cloak said to belong to the Prophet Mohammad. The cloak had not been removed from its Kandahar shrine in 60 years, and had never been worn before. Omar is the first Muslim since the Fourth Caliph, a nephew of Prophet Mohammad, to publicly accept the Amirul title, a ranking in Islam nearly second to the Prophet.

By 1997 Arabs had moved in to powerful positions in the government and began to influence Omar. With Osama Bin Laden and ISI Pakistani secret service providing majority of weapons and soldiers, the Taliban movement begins to take an international shape. Many Afghans who supported the Taliban ideas at the beginning of the movement, now notice that the group is headed by Bin Laden and supplied by Pakistan begin to withdraw support. As afghans leave the movement, they are being replaced by Arabs, Pakistanis and Chechnians. By 1998 Al Qaeda is running Afghanistan with Osama Bin Laden as its leader while Mullah Omar is a symbolic leader.

The movement, backed by the Pakistani secret service, succeeded beyond anyone's imagination - capturing most of the country by 1998.

The Idea of blowing up the Buddah of Bamian was presented by a Chechnian rebel and adopted by Al Qaeda. Many of Taliban governing body rejected the idea, and so did Mullah Omar. Few months later the order was carried out and the Buddhas were destroyed.

On September 9 2001 two Al Qaeda suicide bombers disguised as Arab reporters seeking to interview Ahmad Shah Masood with hidden bomb in a video camera and around their waists. The Bomb blast killed Ahmad Shah Masood and a couple of aids. Ahmad Shah Masood died on September 10 2001. A day later New York City and Washington DC come under attack by suicide bombers who cashed passenger planes into the world trade center buildings and Pentagon. The United States blamed Osama Bin Ladenís Al Qaeda network for the attacks and started building a coalition to oust the Al Qaeda and Taliban from Afghanistan
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