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  Raise of Changez Khan 
By Afghanland.com: Changez Khan (Chang Chi Se Khan) was a strong man; he had gathered the most ferocious and wild warriors under his command. He was an uneducated man who only knew his own townís language all due to his rough childhood growing up. Temujin as he was known as a child lived in a wild town where blood feuds between neighbors existed. His mother was very beautiful and was carried by his father to his village to be his wife. By age 13 Temujin se his eyes to get married and had picked a bride for himself. It was during this courtship when the warring tribe poisoned his father. With the death of his father their clan had no leader and thus protector, two thirds of the clan to seek the protection of a stronger leader. 

By age 17 Temujin was growing strong, his brothers and close male relatives were growing up and ready to defend their clan. Amongst these new young warriors only Temujin seemed to have the charisma to be a leader and to reward him, the neighbors and friends of his father packed his horse with food and dowry to go seek his wife.

According to Afghanland.com sources, The raiders had attacked the clan once more to take their goods back to their own clan when Changezís new army stopped them. It was a fierce battle that lasted all day till it was no light to see. 6 Thousand of the enemy had fallen and Temujin successfully protected his clan and won his first major victory. Many battles passed and each time Temujin emerged as the strongest leader of the area. During one gathering in 1206, a soothsayer announced that Teujinís new name should be Changez Kha Khan (the Greatest Ruler of the Empire of All Men). 

This new title would encourage Changez to bring more clans under his rule, and successfully brought most of Mongolia and northern china under his control and set his eyes westwards towards central Asia and Afghanistan. This was the time where Maulana Jalaludin Balkhi Rumi the great poet and Sufi master fearing the Changez invasion of Afghanistan migrated to Turkey at the age of 13.

In  1220 with a force of 200 thousand warriors, Changez Khan invades central Asia and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan Ghori and then a weaker Sultan replaced the empire of Sultan Mahmood. Changez entered Afghanistan through Balkh and without any resistance marched towards Ghor. Less than a year later the people of Afghanistan rose against Changez and many battles in Balkh, Badkhshan and Takhar area took place. Changez Khan with enormous army demolished the area of Balkh through Hindukush. Bamian, Taliqan, Heart took arms against Changez khan and within the next five years Heart, Parwan and Ghazni joined the battle against the invaders. His oldest son Jochi while leading his army for battle in Bamian province is killed in battle. To seek revenge, Changez Khanís army slaughtered  and destroyed all buildings and city structures of Afghanistan and all the intellectuals of the area had moved out or were killed. And within 20 years erased one of the most advanced civilizations in the world. Changez Died at age 72 in 1226. Hi body was carried off to his homeland and buried under the tallest tree in the Forrest. As the Forrest grew there rose bigger tress and over time the burial site was lost until recently where an American excavation team claim to have discovered his burial site. Changez khan had already converted to Islam and began to change his ideology from destruction to building. Changez Khan's sons kept the empire alive and thus the Mongol Empire in Afghanistan was born.  The Hazara's of Afghanistan are the direct descendants of the Mongol invading army. The Hazara DNA are a 70% match to that of the Mongolians making them the most direct decedents of Changez Khan outside of the Mongolian nation.

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