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  Greek Bakhter Period

By Afghanland.com: Invasion of Alexander brought with it many of Greece’s artists and great thinkers and left a great influence amongst the people of Afghanistan and caused a irreversible damage to the ancient culture and traditions of Afghan people. Many Greek soldiers married afghan women and brought children, thus the Greek blood runs deep amongst people of Afghanistan. This fusion between Afghans and Greeks established a new unique culture in Afghanistan and more and more distanced itself from Greece.

India had build a massive front towards the eastern border of Afghanistan and captured southern part of Afghanistan only stopped by the mighty Hindu Kush. With the invasion of Morias of India came a new religion, which was widely accepted by the Afghans, and thus the introduction of Buddhism occurred and causes another fusion of Greek Bakhter and Buddhists. Buddhism flourishes in Afghanistan and great statues of Buddha are carved on the mountainsides of Bamian province of Afghanistan. People from all over the world would visit Bamian to pay respect and worship their God with festivities lasting days and nights bringing Afghanistan much wealth.

According to Afghanland.com sources, It was during this period in Afghanistan history that trading began to surface, cities were build and trade rout between Afghanistan and China brought about silk and spices to the region. And caravans from Arabia and Middle East would cross the Silk Road and bring about masses of wealth to Afghanistan. Afghanistan is the center of the world culture at this point, Music is developed, and masters think literature, and humanity.

Great sculptures of Greek stature were being carved in cities such as Jalalabad. Great Tresures and artifacts have been excavated from this period in Afghan history.

Below you can see traditional Afghan clothing of Greek Bakhter Period. Left is an Afghan Princess. a r traditional Male Greek Bakter clothing

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