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Election 2014 Candidates of 2014 Afghan Presidential Election
Biographies of Famous Afghans Famous afghans in history Past and Present
The End of Durrand Line North Pakistan belongs to Afghanistan
Afghanistan during Avesta Pre historic Afghanistan during reign of Avesta
Invasion of Alexander the Great Alexander the great invasion of Afghanistan was his last attempt to conquer the world
Greek Bakhter Period Remnants of the Macedonian Greeks settle in Afghanistan
Koshani Period a period where pagan ideology flourishes in Afghanistan
Introduction of Islam in Afghanistan Arab armies invade Afghanistan and convert the locals to Islam
Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawi The idol breaker loved poetry and literature and mysticism flourishes during his reign
Changez Khan Timujin upon becoming the king of Mongols changes his title to Changez Khan.
Timur Shah Invades Afghanistan and establishes Kabul as his military base
Babur Shah The king of Kabulistan establishes his base in his beloved Kabul
Mirwais Khan Hotaki a rebel who starts the movement to establish an independent afghan kingdom
Ahmad Shah Baba Durrani Chosen the first King of Afghanistan by traditional Loya Jirga
The Great Game British meddling in Afghanistan begin
Mohammadzai Dynasty The establishment of rule by the Yahakhil family
Anglo Afghan War 1 British invasion of Afghanistan results in premature defeat
Anglo Afghan War 2 UK invades again and results are similar
Independence Day Amanullah Khan Declares independence
Constitutional Monarchy Pressure by ousted Prince Daud opens the door to democratic reform
Republic of Afghanistan 1973 Monarchy abolished and Republic of Afghanistan is born
Raise of the Communists  Communist party coup takes Afghanistan and world by surprise
Invasion of the USSR 1979 To back their puppet government, USSR invades Afghanistan
Raise of Mujahiddin The people resist the invasion and Mujahiddin groups are formed
Civil War 1990 - 1996 Power mongers at war, destroy Afghanistan infrastructure
The Taliban Movement Taliban announce they will restore peace and freedom
Northern Alliance Alliance of former warlords battle new Taliban movement
War Against Al Qaeda USA attacks the bases of Osama Bin Laden
Bonn Meeting on Afghanistan Under UN supervision Afghan meet to form a new government
Interim Government 2001-2002 an interim government is set headed by unknown Hamid Karzai
Transitional Government 2002-2004 Loya Jirga approves a new Transitional government
Constitution of Afghanistan 2004 Loya Jirga ratifies a new constitution
2004 Presidential Election First ever free presidential elections are held in Afghanistan
Flags of Afghanistan Flags of Afghanistan from 500 to present
Afghanistan in Crisis timeline a timeline of afghan events
Loya Jirga Grand Assembly all about the Grand council
2009 Presidential Election Ex Ministers trying to oust old boss

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