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  Introduction of Islam
By Afghanland.com: The Prophet Mohammad (s) was born in 570 and lived till 632 AD. When Mohammad (s) declared Islam out in the open, sent a message to King of Persia to join the religion of Islam. The King laughed at the messenger tore his letter and sent him back to Mecca. And with decades have captured most of ancient Persia.  It was between 642 and 661 AD that Afghanistan began to feel the influences of the Arab world, mostly the religion of Islam. At the time of Battle Afghanistan was wealthier and more advanced than the Arab world of the time and  this resulted in many Arabs migrating to Afghanistan and establishing their lives in that region. And within a century of migration 3 generations of Afghan Arabs changed the environment of Afghanistan.

By 720 AD the people of Afghanistan were converting to Islam and the population of peasants were growing in numbers and they all accepted Islam as their way of life. From amongst the people of Afghanistan, Abu-Muslim Khorasani emerged as a major politician of the era. By 746 AD while Afghanistan was in a battle between the people and the elite leaders, Abu-Muslim dressed in black robe and declared a holy war against the non-believers. By 752 the region was Islamic and by eliminating the Arab leaders in the area, Abu-Muslim created a large Islamic Kingdom of Khorasan.

According to Afghanland sources, From 642 AD till 822 AD Arab influences brought about the creation of Arabic language in Afghanistan and establishment of the Islam religion. Afghanistan accepted the Arab language and interchanged the new language with their knowledge of mathematics, philosophy and medical research and introduced the Arab world of its benefits.

Islam Flourished in Afghanistan, mathematics was as its best, schools were opened to educate the young and to develop their theories in Math, Philosophy, Medicine, Astronomy and more. Buildings and city structures were more advanced in Afghanistan then any other city in the world and compared and in many terms were better than Rome. Calligraphy and geometric shapes in architecture were used. Many writers and poets of the era called the major cities of Balkh, and Ghazni paradise on earth. And Remained so till the destruction of  Changez Khan.
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