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  Prime Minister Maiwandwal
Prime Minister Hashem MaiwandwalPrime Minister Mohammad Hashem Maiwandwal  

1299 - 9 Mizan 1352 (1921-1974)

Arranged by Daud Malikyar
Biography of Prime Minister Mohammad Hashem Maiwandwal
Written by Wali Aria
Translated by Wahid Momand  

Maiwandwal was a God fearing, intellectual and at the service of his beloved people.
Mohammad Hashem maiwandwal was born in a working class family. And had always sought justice, humanity in the sense of human rights, and equality for his countrymen until he reached a point where his intellectual ideas and deeds made him a champion of the afghan people. Maiwandwal amidst great popularity and vast contentions with the world and the people of the world, still had his people and his struggle to make life better for his people vanish from his thoughts. 
While writing Tafsir Mo’azatain at the preface he found himself and his reason for life in a few verses of the great Afghan poet Maulana Jalaluddin Balkhi Rumi. 

Maiwandwal had a huge challenge in front of him, like the vast mountains of Afghanistan his clear vision was blocked by primitive thinkers and those who worked for the enemies of progress in Afghanistan. But his path towards his goal remained bright for he didn’t reach it we shall. His ideas were based on the rules and laws of Islam and his political views were intertwined with his knowledge of his religion and his love for his religion. The base of his beliefs were: 

  • Public Service

  • Patriotism

  • Love for Afghanistan

  • Love of the people of Afghanistan

  • Righteousness and progress

  • Savior of Good and burial of Evil

  • And equality and human rights for all

Mainwandwal would say “ This is a birth right and our task to fight for rights and righteousness. In not we well be ashamed and worthless in the eyes of our creator and remain engulfed in shame for the rest of our afterlife.” He also wrote: “there are those who think of their religion as a hard and boundless task in their lives and others form a secular fundamental and only way of life. For us the Islam is the light of values which clears the vision and purifies the heart. And creates a world of love, brotherhood and equality.” Maiwandwal after his study of foreign relations and the roots of nationalism in Afghanistan forms a clear line for the establishment of a autonomous nation and the idea of removing the hand of powerful nations from the midst of the poor nations of the world. And creates two identities for the nation of Afghanistan. 

Internally Afghanistan should create a state of nationalism and unity, creation of peace, brotherhood and understanding between different ethnic groups and idealistic against foreign puppets, instigators of unrest and selling out to foreign nations.

Externally this unity will be the basis independence, and protection of its rights and a defense against the influences of foreigners.
Maiwandwal said “we see Afghanistan as garden where in colorful flowers co exist. Where each flower helps in the creation of the scent and beauty of the spring air of Afghanistan.” Maiwandwal believed that democracy would not arise from dictatorship.

According to Afghanland.com sources, During his years as Prime Minister Maiwandwal created a project called khalqo ta zo’ (going to the public) where he visited the people of Afghanistan to find out their needs and ideals of what a government should do. His office remained open for the public to visit their prime minister and he encourage question and answer session at the parliament to bring about a sense of democracy. 

Miwandwal’s speech regarding Coup and governments that raise to power as a result of coups 2 years prior to
Daud Khan’s Coup against Mohammad Zahir Shah. Prior to the coup Maiwandwal had visited abroad to be treated for cancer and returned to Afghanistan 3 weeks after the coup and visits with the new head of state President Daud to rectify any misunderstanding that might have occurred while he was abroad. 

September 20 1973 Hashem Mainwandwal, Khan Mohammad Khan Mlastyarr, General Abdul Razaq Khan, General Malikyar, General Naseri, General Sahaaq and few others were arrested and imprison with the charge of planning a coup against the government. Without any proof and witnesses to this account they were tortured and beaten by high-ranking generals of Parcham faction of the communist party of Afghanistan. 

On October 1st 1973 the enemies of democracy and freedom martyred Prime Minister Mohammad Hashem Maiwandwal after 11 nights of continuous torture. May God rest his soul.

1921 – Birth of Mohammad Hashem to Poor family. His father was Mawlawi Abdul Haleem of Moqor and Mother from the Ahmadzai family of Province of Logar.

1939 – Mohammad Hashem’s parents along with his two brothers moved to Ashiqan o harifan street in Kabul where he began elementary school at Ghazi School and later joined Lesa Habibya.

1943 – Mohammad hashim graduated from Lesa Habibya with honors and high grades and began work at Etifaq Islamic Newspaper in Heraat.

1945 – Became the executive officer at Aryana.

1946 – President of Anis Newspaper and Minister of information. Where he published the on goings of the 7th parliament without censorship.

1954 – Mostashar Ambassador to Washington DC.

1955 - Minister of information for the 2nd term. Where he made the rules and regulations and laws of the government available to the public to read.

1957 – Deputy secretary of foreign affairs, which lead to his appointment as Afghan ambassador to London.

1959 – Afghan ambassador to Karachi.

1960 – Afghan ambassador to Washington DC

1962 – Afghan ambassador to Pakistan

1966 – Member of Cabinet of Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Yousef which lead to his appointment as the chief organizer of the cabinet.

1968 – Due illness resigned from his post at the cabinet

On October 1st 1973 the enemies of democracy and freedom martyred Prime Minister Mohammad Hashem Maiwandwal after 11 nights of continuous torture. May God rest his soul.

Maiwandwal’s Speech Explaining Democracy

Listen to testimonies of Sultana Malikyaar Maiwandwal The wife of Martyred Mohammad Hashem Maiwandwal. Sultana Maiwandwal hails from Malikyar Family of the province of Ghazni  

Listen to Prime Minister Hashem Maiwandwal’s Speech in English at the United Nations grand assembly regarding the aggression of Israel over their Arab neighbors.

A song Composed by Shah Wali Wali Taranasaz

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