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  Abdullah Malikyar

Young Abdullah Malikyar 1920sAfghanland.com: Abdullah Malikyar was born in 1908 in city of Ghazni. Young Abdullah had ambitions to serve his country and to serve his people at a very young age. He Attended Elementary School in Ghazni City and then moved to Kabul and attended Amania High School

He Married Khairia and had 2 daughters, Laila Malikyar and Gulalai Malikyar Daud. Gulalai was the lone survivor in the bloody coup at the presidential palace the assassinated President Daud her late father-in-law.

Abdullah Malikyar with King Enayatullah and His future Inlaws 1928After Finishing College in Kabul, Mr. Abdullah Malikyar, was delected as the the head of the Hilmand Valley Authority to develop the Helmand and Arghandab river valleys in southwestern Afghanistan for the settlement of some of the Afghan nomadic population, especially as Pakistan had closed the regions south of the so-called border to thousands of nomads who traditionally spent their winters in the northern reaches of the sub-continent.

He served as governor of Afghanistan's Herat province from 19411948, 19511954. As the governor of Herat, Mr. Malikyar let and accomplished many programs and reforms. His trademarks was dressing as an ordinary poor man and visiting business known for corruption and discrimination and note the conducts of businessmen and would return later in the day with full entourage to confront the wrong doers. Till today he is the most popular governor in Herat.

One can See his Projects of city planning as soon as you enter the city, 3200 Pine needle trees surround greet you as you drive towards the city center of Herat. The Hot Springs of Obey was used as a source to feed the many bath houses of the city spas.

In 1940 his beloved wife, Khairia, died, he would re-marry to second wife Anisa, and would bare 4 children.

In 1960 Mr. Malikyar was the Minister of Finance and The U.S.S.R. has by this year spent or committed about $300,000,000 in economic aid to Afghanistan. The latest Soviet enterprise is the building of the Salang highway across the Hindu Kush range to shorten the route between Kabul and the northern provinces by 190 km. The Soviet government promises $22,400,000 in aid to construct the Jalalabad dam on the Kabul river to provide electricity to the capital. Soviet technicians find petroleum in the area of Mazar-i-Sharif, on the Afghan side of the Amu Darya (Oxus) river. United States economic aid to Afghanistan totals by 1960 about $165,000,000, including a loan of $50,000,000. The National Assembly approves the budget estimate for the year 1960-61, balanced at 4,500,000,000 afghanis. Abdullah Malikyar, declares that a total of 2,540,000,000 afghanis of the budget expenditure will be used to implement the last year of the 195761 development plan. Abdullah Malikyar and Fellow Students at Amania School 1928

On September 7th 1963 at the invitation of President and Mrs. Kennedy, Their Majesties King Mohammed Zaher and Queen Homaira of Afghanistan are payed a state visit to the United States.

His Majesty was accompanied by the Court Minister and Chief of the Royal Secretariat His Excellency Ali Mohammed, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance His Excellency Abdullah Malikyar and the Minister for Press and Information His Excellency Sayyid Kasem Rishtiya

Mr Malikyar was appointed Afghan Ambassador to the U.S. from 1967 to 1977 by His Majesty King Zahir Shah

Later, he was Afghanistan's minister of communications, first deputy prime minister (Vice President under President Daud) and ambassador to London and Tehran.

Abdullah Malikyar received an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, 1975 from University of Nebraska

He settled in the United States in 1979 after the invasion of the Soviet Union's notorious Red Army. He had worked hard in establishing an emergency Loya Jirga session to end the violent cycle of civil war in Afghanistan. In recent years had participated in efforts to publicize the conditions of the Afghan people under communist, the War Lords and Taliban rule.

He is linked to the Afghan Royal Family through his wife, the daughter of King Enayatullah Khan.

In 1979 Abdullah Malikyar received an honorary degree as Doctor of Laws from University of Nebraska.

On January 29 2002 as an honored guest at the flag raising ceremony the 92-year-old former ambassador who organized the purchase of the building in the 1960s and served as Kabul's man in Washington from 1967 until Jimmy Carter was in the White House made his final public appearance as an elder statesman with Anrea Kopel of CNN, Afghan Singer Ehsan Aman and many more

Abdullah Malikyar at re-opening ceremony of Afghan Embassy 1/29/02

A resident of Wheaton, Virginia Abdullah Malikyar died Aug. 4 at Holy Cross Hospital. He had a heart ailment. He was 93

Upon receiving the news of his passing, the people of Herat presented a petition to fly his body to Herat to be buried their calling him a national treasure and a great hero of Herat. Meanwhile the people of Ghazni requested he be buried in his native Ghazni, and the Afghan government suggested Kabul, but his wife opted to lay him to rest in Virginia.

Survivors include his wife, Anisa, two daughters from his first marriage, Gulalai Malikyar Daud and Laila Malikyar, two daughters from his second marriage, Nadia Malikyar and Roxana Malikyar, four sons from his second marriage, Khalil Malikyar and Najib Malikyar, and Obaid Malikyar and Daoud Malikyar, a sister; and seven grandchildren.

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