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Afghanland.com Picture Gallery Four

25 Tomb of King Mohammad Nadir Shah in Kabul Afghanistan, King of Afghanistan from 1925 to 1933 when he was assassinated.
26 Tomb of King Mohammad Nadir Shah on July 10 2001
27 Giant Buddha of Bamian

Many historians believed that the eyes of the Buddha was made of 2 giant diamonds that would shine reflective light on to the city. The Face of the Buddha was carved by bandits


28 Buzkashi, the National sport of Afghanistan which originated by the invading Mongol hordes and remained and developed in Afghanistan and where it remains a popular sporting event.
29 Former King of Afghanistan, Amanullah Khan and Queen Soraya in early 1920s. Amanaullah Khan was the champion of modernization and a close ally of Turkey and their modernization plans. Amanullah was ousted from power by an illiterate bandit from Kohistan area North of Kabul 1926
30 A group of Hindu children pray in a temple in the Afghan capital Kabul in the evening of May 23, 2001.  REUTERS/Sayed Salahuddin
31 Students work in the computer center at Kabul University in the Afghan capital March 23, 2001. Kabul University was once one of the best universities in the region. Photo: Mian Khursheed
32 Safi Ullah sells biscuits made of rice in Jalalabad, 125 kilometers (78 miles) east of Kabul, Afghanistan Friday, Jan. 19, 2001. Ullah says he earns less than US$2.00 a day.  (AP Photo/B.K.Bangash)

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