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  Abdul Qader Baydel
By Afghanland.com: Afghanistan a country which gave birth to such great warriors as Sultan Mahmood Ahmad Shah Durrani is also the Home of many Great poets of the world such as Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi (Rumi) (1207-1223) Jami of Herat (1414-1492) and more, but the one that stand apart from the traditional poets is KBaydel at afghanland.comhoja Mirza Hazrat Abul Ma'ni Abdul Qader Baydel, the great court poet of the Moghol Empire Founded by Babur in the mid-16th century. The Moghol Empire introduced Islam into the rich cultural mix of India dominated by Hinduism. 

The Moghol Empire, Durring 1526-1761 The reign of Akbar the Great had great interest in the northwest frontier, Kabul, Qandahar (Kandahar), and Ghazni were strategically significant; these towns linked India through overland trade with Central and western Asia and were crucial for securing horses for the Moghol cavalry.

The emperor encouraged new elements to join his service, and Afghans came to form an important block of the Moghol nobility. In this period of time many Afghan families traveled to India to be closer to the reign of power, including Abul Ma'ni Baydel's family who had moved from Northern Afghanistan to the court of the great Moghol king. According to Afghanland.com,  Baydel started Learning the art of poetry writing from the great Afghan Master who were brought from Afghanistan to teach. Akbar also looked for new men of Indian background. Indian Afghans, being the principal opponents of the Moghols, were obviously to be kept at a distance; but the Sayyids of Baraha, the Bukhari Sayyids, and the Kambus among the Indian Muslims were specially favored for high military and civil positions. More significant was the recruitment of Hindu Rajput leaders into the Moghol nobility. This was a major step, but Afghans usually had the strongest positions of power in the Empire. Baydel was born in Patna an Indian city in the BIHAR province lying 25.33 north 85.18 east 1644 A.D., there Baydel started his life as a poet and also kept in contact with the Afghan Sufis, Muslim mystics. Persian or Dari being the court language of the Moghol Empire had finally found a native master in Abul Ma'ni Baydel. Baydel's famous poems are recognized for his difficult style of writing and Deep thoughts that each rhythmic line holds within, the poems of Abul Ma'ni Abdul Qader Baydel are usually in a Ghazal Format, which is suitable for the Classical Rag and Ghazal singers and is the poet of Choice for Afghan Classical singers. The following is an example of his poetry and is the first Ghazal from his compiled works.

Tomb of Baydel, Present Day IndiaOnly humility can bring you to the high seat of God.
Bow down just a hair, and before Him wear proudly your hat.
The solemn palace of love cannot permit joking gestures.
The eyes, like dew, should receive the seal of a dab of tears.
Non-existence has an image and a world of its own.
Realities are sometimes created in the footprints of passerby.
No one could help rid me of my dual self.
I lowered my head and took refuge in my solitary, inner self.
Vain was my search for Joseph in lust's land of Canaan.
Perhaps I, too, should go into myself and differ a well inside.
If, within your heart flows the never-ending blessing of morning light,
Your days will never know darkness, though all existence turns into night.

Baydel Moved to Delhi where later he died in 1720 A.D. at the age of 76. One could see his works on the walls of the ancient castles specially The RED FORT in Old Delhi. It shows the majesty of Afghan and their influences throughout the world as nation of intellect and Artist.


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