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  Rabeha Balkhi
By Afghanland.com: Rabeha Balkhi, princess who lived in the ancient city of Balkh. She was a beautiful girl who loved to write verses. Rabeha lived in the court of Samanids and was in contact with the great poets of the court who would congregate at ceremonies reciting their poets to the king. 

Rabeha herself began to recite poetry and indeed she showed great talent, she would write about nature and of love and beauty. Her works kept to herself during her life but once published made quite a name for her amongst poets. It was the 9th century AD, Rabeha met Baktash a servant to his brother Hareth, they began to see each other in private and write beautiful poetry to each other. Rabeha soon found herself in love with Baktash and would spend days writing about her love.  

Hareth found out that Baktash had been secretly seeing his sister has his men banish Baktash from the city which resulted in the murder of Baktash.

The news came to Rabeha that Baktash had been murdered, felt betrayed and helpless. Rabeha could not cope with the pain of her loverís death that she found privacy in the ladies bathhouse and slashed her veins and with the dripping blood write her final verse on the wall of the bathhouse as the first woman poet of Islamic world lay dying

Accoring to Afghanland sources, As she lay dying, she wrote out her last poem in her own blood. For centuries, young girls and boys had treated her tomb with the devotion appropriate to a saint, going there to pray for the fulfillment of their own romantic dreams.  

Still from 1965 Afghan Film Rabia Balkhi


By Rabeha Balkhi

I am caught in Love's web so deceitful
None of my endeavors turn fruitful.
I knew not when I rode the high-blooded stead
The harder I pulled its reins the less it would heed.
Love is an ocean with such a vast space
No wise man can swim it in any place.
A true lover should be faithful till the end
And face life's reprobated trend.
When you see things hideous, fancy them neat,
Eat poison, but taste sugar sweet


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