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   Wali Shaaker

Wali ShaakerAfghanland.com: The future of Afghan literature and poetry in its native languages is sound and will live on through another generation. With young poets, who are the torch bearers of an art form perfected by generation upon generation of master poets and contemporary artists, the literature of Afghanistan will reach a new generation of Afghan nor yet familiar with the great works of the past. Wali Shaaker is an ambassador of poetry from the land of afghans in America.


Wali Shaaker was born in Kabul, Afghanistan where he attended Habibia high school.  After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan he migrated to Pakistan in 1984.  Subsequently, Shaaker immigrated to the U.S in 1990.  He graduated from University of Washington-Seattle with a B.A in political economy, and a B.A in international relations from Jackson School of International Studies. He served one year as president of the Society of Afghan professionals, a non profit organization in the bay area California.


Shaaker's poems have been featured in many print media, television and  radio programs. He has appeared numerous times on Radio 24 hours voice of Afghanistan.


Shaaker, a graduate student of political science at San Francisco State University, has published poems, articles and short stories in numerous print and online publications.  His first collection of poems “Sham e Feraq,” or “The Evening of Separation” was published in 1997. 


Currently he is working on two projects.  One is an English novel, “The River Village.”  This novel is based on his life experiences and observations during the Communist era, which focuses on the life of an Afghan teenage boy during a time of foreign occupation and resistance.  He is also working on second collection of his Dari poems, “Kahkashan e Khiyal,” or “Galaxy of Fantasy.”  In addition, Wali Shaaker has participated in Bay Area’s Afghan art exhibitions.   



باش امشب



ای ز من رفته ترا  من به  خدا  میسپرم

به محبت، به صداقت،  به  وفا  میسپرم

آنچه خوبی كه به  دنیا  بود از آن تو  باد
به آنچه پاكی كه به دلهاست  ترا میسپرم

باش امشب  كه  به  پای  تو  بمانم  بیدار
صبحدم  دست تو  با دست صبا میسپرم

ناله ای  را  كه  برون  نایدم  از پرده دل
به  لب  نای  و  به  غوغای  نوا میسپرم

ز  هوای  تو  اگر باغ  خیالم خوشبوست
عطر خشبوی  خیالت   به   هوا میسپرم

دل  “شاكر” كه  نبد  لایق  رویت صنما
به عجل  داده  و ازروی  رضا  میسپرم 


To read a few of his Dari poems visit: http://afghanartist.persianblog.ir



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